Biological Imaging Laboratory

Color Segmentation of Benthic Transects


Five Macintosh II systems were provided to the Marine Science Center by an Instruments and Instrument Development grant and other funds to implement a Biological Imaging laboratory consisting of hybrid video/computer motion analysis system, a video microscope, a macrophotography system, a slide scanner system and a flatbed scanner system. These instruments are available for general use by faculty and students of MSC and the Biology Department.

SwimmingThrustMOOV.gif (184k)
Correlated Electrophysiological and Kinematic Analysis of Animal Behavior

ParticleTracksMOOV.gif (145k)

Visualization of Particle Flow

Software has been developed at MSC (ColorImage) which allows color based image segmentation and object quantification, as well as computer controlled stop-frame video based motion analysis (Ayers and Fletcher, 1991; Ayers, 1992) and is supported on all these systems.

New Features of ColorImage 1.59

ColorImage 1.59 Manual

ColorImage 1.59 (68K) Download (Major Bug Fix 4/19/97)

ColorImage 1.59 (PPC) Download (still Unstable 4/19/97)



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